Upcoming Trends of Interior Design

Interior design trends are forever changing. With increased awareness among people regarding the importance of well-appointed interiors, raging hot trends for the new season are here to enchant those looking for inspiring decor ideas. You too can create luxury interior design for your personal space with these latest and best trends fresh off the international design scene:

1. Black is the new colour for appliances - Who would have thought that the colour of kitchen appliances could set a trend for the decor of the kitchen interior itself? But that's what the trends say and instead of the classic silver stainless steel, glossy black stainless steel is the new colour for your appliances in 2016.

2. Florals are in, for everything - Scoff at this feminine pattern all you like, but to create a fashionable interior this year, granny floral patterns are the best new thing. Blooming patterns with enhanced imagery in colours of your choice can be easily incorporated into the decor in any room for a trendy look.

3. Formal dining rooms are back - All the elaborateness and stateliness of formal dining rooms with their full paraphernalia is making a comeback this year. Instead of casual eating spaces, full-fledged sit-down ambiences are being preferred by the experts at leading interior design companies worldwide.

4. Multicoloured stripes for a funky look - Rainbow hued stripes are going to be a major trend this season as interior designers incorporate them in elements ranging from throws to upholstery, cushions and even wallpaper. Get creative and playful with stripes for a chic look.

5. Rose quartz is the colour to watch out for - the pastel pink shade of Rose Quartz is making all the waves in the international design scene of late. Paired with the shade of powder blue being called Serenity by paint experts, Rose Quartz is enlivening interior spaces with its charming and sophisticated elegance.

6. Rough hewn textures are what everyone's seeking - sterile environments with plain finishes are being jazzed up with textured accents of roughness which add to the depth of the space. Painted bricks, salvaged wood, gypsum and cement are being appropriated for a contemporary industrial look which is in great demand among clients too.

7. Pendant lights add to the charm - while chandeliers might give an ornate and opulent appearance, 2016 is the year for classy chic pendant lights. With designers innovating with materials and shapes, pendants have become the statement light accessory for all spaces.

8. Metallics will stay - While 2015 was dominated by metals, in 2016 too they will continue to retain their place in the charts. The shiny bling of metallic finish in platinum, gold, copper and steel are being used in accessories, fixtures and even wall panels for eclectic yet elegant interiors.

9. Play with geometric shapes - the pattern of the year is definitely geometrics. In different brilliantly contrasting colours, geometric motifs are making their way to every space in accessories and accents like rugs, tiles, sheets, curtains and more.

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