A Basic History Of Casino Games

Discover just how far back humanity's history with gambling really goes. Explore a rough timeline of the major developments in the history of casino games.

From Prehistoric Dice To Video Slots: A Rough History Of Casino Games

It seems that we humans have had a thing for games of chance for about as long as we've been walking upright. Throughout the historical record, even before casinos existed, casino-type games have been played. Although it is by-no-means exhaustive, the following timeline should give you a good idea of just how far our love of casino games goes... and how we got to where we are today.

2300 BC, Ancient China: Lotteries & Simple Games of Chance

There is considerable evidence to suggest that gambling was a popular pastime in Ancient China. This includes tiles, later unearthed by archeologists, suggesting the existence of a crude game of chance. Moreover, reference to "the drawing of wood" in the Chinese Book of Songs may reference a type of lottery.

Ancient Greece & Rome: Mythical Die and Law-Skirting Gambling Chips

In Ancient Rome, founded in 753 BC, gambling was enormously popular. So popular, in fact, that the city of Rome outlawed all forms of gambling for a time. Illicit gamblers attempted to skirt the law, which entailed a fine of four times the wagered stake, by developing gambling chips. Later, in around 500 BC, writings of the Greek poet Sophocles attributed the invention of the dice to a mythical hero and the siege of Troy. Whether or not you buy the fantastical theory, Sophocles' writing shows that the Ancient Greeks used die.

Circa 800 AD, China: From Card Games To Keno

The general consensus among historians is that playing cards originated in 9th-Century China, although theories on their usage do vary. Some suggest these cards were used a bit like modern baseball trading cards, whilst others believe they were like paper dominoes. Additionally, keno slips dating back to around 200 BC indicate the existence of a kind of lottery to fund Chinese state projects, which may have included the construction of the Great Wall of China.

1400s, Italy & France: Beginnings of Baccarat

The earliest historical mention of baccarat, one of the oldest card games still played today, was in the 15th Century. This was at the point when the game made its migration from Italy to France. Over the ensuing centuries, this early incarnation of baccarat continued to evolve and migrate. The version we know today originated in Cuba, before spreading to Great Britain and then the US.   If you need any kind of information on this article related topic click here: pokie spins casino

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