Right Procedure to Follow on How to Grow Magic Mushrooms

Many people feel that growing magic mushrooms at home is not an easy procedure and hence feel quite scared or get rather jittery whenever the thought or the wish to grow the shrooms arises. Queries about how to grow magic mushrooms are always pouring in though.

There are easy and ready to grow mushroom kits available in the market where everything is ready and all that is to be done is place the ready stuff in a room where mushrooms start sprouting with a new flush within a few days.

However, it is real fun to carry out the entire procedure on one’s own and then see the mushrooms bloom with pride. There are certain basic requirements that anyone going in for the procedure for the first time will require.

In order to fully understand the technique on how to grow magic mushrooms, it is important to first read the entire article so that the step by step procedure is easily understood before the real implementation. A few jars or cans, basic ingredients like vermiculite, brown rice flour and water to make a good substrate for the mushroom spores to grow properly, a few boxes or vases for final fruitarian of the mushrooms. Begin the procedure by first cleaning the jars properly. Now make a proper mixture with vermiculite, brown rice that is powdered and pure water. Ensure that the water is not contaminated and the source of the water is hygienic. Now the mixture is called basic substrate.

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