Locker Rooms are small groups within the Gathering where deeper relationships are formed.  Each group is a little different.  Some groups go through a book, devotional, or specific book of the bible.  Other groups may choose to focus on a topic and use multiple resources.  The one thing these groups all have in common is living life together!  We would love to connect you with a locker room leader near you!


  • There are Locker Rooms all over the Miami Valley and we are continually adding more.


  • Locker Rooms typically meet either early in the morning (before work) or during lunch time.

How Often?

  • Our Locker Rooms decide how often they want to meet. This can range from once a month to once a week.  Many meet every other week.


Are you looking to connect with someone that can walk beside you and help you to intentionally grow?  The Gathering also helps facilitate 1-on-1 mentoring, discipleship, and coaching.  We would love to get to know you and pray about connecting you with the perfect mentor!


Young Guns was created intentionally for men in their 20s and 30s.  This program is focused on spiritual development and biblical leadership.  This is a great starting point for any young man looking to intentionally grow in their walk with Christ and live in community.

Young Guns typically attracts about 10-15 people each year and runs February through November.  They meet once a month for dinner, a book study, and discussion with a mature Christian leader from the community.  Each Young Gun is also encouraged to meet a couple times a month with an assigned partner for accountability.  This group also enjoys multiple lunches and activities that are a bit more spontaneous, but truly encourage living life in community.