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Outreach Breakfasts are semi-annual events where hundreds of men gather from the region to engage nationally known speakers on topics of leadership and faith. These breakfasts raise funds for The Gathering Miami Valley but have become a great asset to the community and an opportunity to connect men to men and men to God.

The next breakfast will be: Announced soon!

The Most recent breakfast was with:


Chris Broussard


Some facts:

Close to 400 men and women at the 2016 spring breakfast. The 9th consecutive sell-out. Quotes from Robby, Tru & Chris are below.


I learned many things working alongside Chris Broussard and Tru Pettigrew during their time with us. Both were full of life experiences and knowledge, and I enjoyed them opening up and sharing those experiences with us. As much as I wanted to talk basketball with Chris, I found myself equally wanting to hear his experiences as a Christian. Chris and Tru were a pleasure to be around and I am happy to have met them while they were in Springfield.

Robert Pollock
Breakfast Co-Chair

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Gathering Breakfast Chair Experience

When the opportunity came about to be a Chair, I was nervous, excited, and overwhelmed all at the same time!  And as much as I hesitated to commit, I couldn’t have been happier that I was blessed with this opportunity to help continue to grow the great work that the Gathering is doing in the Miami Valley.  Don’t get me wrong, there is definitely some work that comes along with being a chair – phone calls/stop ins, conference calls, meetings, lots of emails.  But the whole experience was unbelievable!  Here are some of the highlights throughout my time as a chair…

  • Developed some current/gained some new relationships.
  • Got a lot of 1-to-1 time with both the speaker (Chris Broussard) and his partner (Tru Pettigrew). This part was worth the time put into the breakfast by itself!
  • Got to share my testimony in front of 400+!
  • Pushed and challenged me to grow spiritually in my relationship with Christ.
  • And this isn’t the reason I did it, but the recognition is nice as well! Even today as I think back about how many people came up to me afterwards and told me that my story touched them or told me how good of a job we did or how much they enjoyed the Breakfast, it puts a huge smile on my face to be part of that!

Jeff Fourman
Breakfast Co-Chair

“Jeff, thank you again for your hospitality during Chris and I’s visit with the men of “The Gathering of the Miami Valley”. You and the entire group embodied excellence in every way. From my initial conversation with you on the phone, to Jeff Fourman picking me up from the airport, all the way to the post-event debrief, you guys made me feel like family every step of the way. It was awesome being around a group of men (and women) with such an unwavering commitment to Christ and a desire to serve in a way that truly impacts others. I was particularly appreciative of The Gathering’s commitment to our young people and your relationship with Cedarville and other area schools and universities. Pouring into, equipping, and preparing our next generation of leaders in a Godly manner is very important to me personally, and I was glad to see how important it is to you all as well. Thanks for your obedience to your calling and your commitment to serve.”

Tru Pettigrew
Tru Access

“I had a wonderful time with the men of ‘The Gathering’ in February 2016. Jeff was hospitable as a host and guide and all those I met were gracious and excited about The Lord and His work. I especially enjoyed interacting with the students of Cedarville University, as well as Cedarville President Thomas White. It was an inspirational and memorable experience.”

Chris Broussard
NBA Reporter

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Connecting Men to Men and Men to God