Repairing Plumbing Problems

Time and again it happens that often we have small plumbing problems at home that need to be fixed but are often over looked to be dealt with later. But the problem is that 'later' never comes and that leak or the dent or the clog that was just a small thing in the beginning keeps getting worse over the time until it is not useable at all. It not only requires a lot of repairing, money, time wastage but also professional help.
Looking for a plumber is as hectic a job itself as not everyone is in contact with a good plumber usually. What one ends up doing is looking up a contact in the local phone directory and calling the first person on the list plus paying him the amount they ask for just to get rid of the problem at hand.
To avoid all this hassle and problems for no reason at all, put yourself to a little work and make your hands useful. Buy a few handy and useful plumbing tools to keep at home to help you out. Nothing very costly is required, just a few basic tools like a Plunger, a Plumbers Snake or a Closet Auger, a Basin Wrench and a pair of Slip-join Pliers and of course a little knowledge and some plumbing skills.

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A clogged drain is something that everyone of has faced at some point. In fact this is one nasty problem that keeps occurring time and again. To keep clogged drains under control, fix a homemade draining mixture by yourself and use that. The mixture is extremely easy to make. Mix together half a cup of baking soda and half a cup of vinegar, mix well and you are done. Pour all this through the troubled drain and let it set for at least three hours. Run water through it and you will see the clogged rain will no more be clogged unless there is some other serious issue with it.
Another very common issue is that of a dripping faucet. If not repaired as soon as it happens, the drip leads to a crack and finally a total break destroying the walls, tiles and any wooden cabinets during the process. This usually happens due to seepage in the water supply. The water tires to drip out from the seep and this turns into a drip putting the faucet totally out of use. All you need to do is remove the washer. Simply disassemble the faucet and replace the washer with one that is similar to the one you were using before and you are done.
Another very frequent leak is the shower head leak that happens usually in the area where the shower head comes in contact with the shower arm or the place between the shower head body and the swivel ball. The continuous dripping of water from the leak stains your tiles a dirty shade of yellow. Fix this by cleaning and coating the arms thread of the shower with a plumber's joint take.

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