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Week 2 Recap- September 16, 2016

Bruce Willmann

Gathering of Miami Valley Assistant Director Bruce Willmann said during Friday’s second installment of the fall luncheon series that Andre Agassi had it half-right in his classic Canon cameras commercials. Agassi’s catchphrase was always “Image is everything.” The guest speaker who is also pastor of Champion City Vineyard in Springfield had a slight correction, however: Being created in the image of God is everything.
Willmann was filling in for another local pastor, Rick Ives of Fellowship Christian. Randy Creech, who runs a ministry retreat in Montana with his wife, will wrap up the fall series Friday, Sept. 23 at 11:45 a.m. at Security National Bank downtown.
“Image matters to us or we wouldn’t even bother to get dressed,” said Willmann. “Image concerns us and we are constantly asking ourselves when we meet people, ‘I wonder what they think of me?’
“The truth is all of that is really exhausting,” he continued. “Many of us are … trying to be something we aren’t.”
Willmann referred to the classic movie “Tommy Boy” for another example as well. Tommy Callahan, the main character, is going through the process of trying to become his father. His father had passed away. And he’s horrible at replacing his father. The point of the movie? “The reality is that who we are is based on what’s inside the box, not about what’s on the outside,” he said.

Willmann also cited an example the Bible, in I Sam. 16. The prophet Samuel is sent to the house of Jesse to anoint a king. When he saw Eliab, Daniel’s oldest brother, he assumed he was God‘s choice. “Why? Because we’re all about the image,” he said. “Presentation seems to be the critical thing in this world, and Eliab fits the part perfectly.”

But the Lord’s response in v. 7 provided a learning moment. “The problem is, we tend to view ourselves the way others view us,” Willmann said. “But our real identity is how God sees us. Our soul is what really matters.”

Willmann tied that to what The Gathering provides for men. “Locker Rooms are about exposing our real selves,” he said. “Who we really are is who God created us to be.” And that is image-bearers.
“We will see Jesus in them and they’ll see Jesus in us,” he said. “It’s not easy, but that’s where real life happens.

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Randy Creech


Randy Creech currently resides in Stevensville, MT… Read more

The Gathering of the Miami Valley would like to welcome Bruce Willmann to the new position of Associate Director.  Read more here!


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Today, 27% of children grow up in fatherless homes, while 18-to-34-year-old men spend more time playing video games a day than 12-to-17-year-old boys. 1 in 10 men have a friend they could call if they needed help. The Gathering of the Miami Valley exists to change all of this by connecting men to men and men to God – because we believe that transformed men lead to a transformed community.

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